Company Statistics At-A-Glance

Board of Directors: 9
Service Director: 1
Assistant Service Director: 1
Employees: 35 
EMT – Basics: 14
EMT – Paramedics: 19
Ambulances: 2 (Class 1 Paramedic Level Ambulances)
Stations: 1

A Little About Us

Highland Ambulance EMS, Inc is a community based 501(c)3 Class I Paramedic Ambulance company serving the towns of Ashfield, Chesterfield, Cummington, Goshen, Plainfield, and Williamsburg in the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts. In order to ensure community representation, each participating town has one seat. Members of the board are nominated by the board for a term of 3 years. The board also nominates three at large members, who are selected for their particular knowledge and experience.

The mission of Highland Ambulance EMS, Inc. is to provide the full range of emergency medical services to the member communities. These services include

  • Responding to all fire calls in the six towns

  • Providing training and certification testing for all first responders

  • Providing mandatory inoculations for all first responders

  • Running blood pressure clinics for residents of the six towns

  • Developing and practicing emergency response plans with the schools and camps in the member towns

  • Conducting health and safety classes for the schools

  • Working with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and Homeland Security to develop emergency response plans for the member towns

  • Providing mutual aid and paramedic intercept services to the neighboring communities

  • Providing transport services

  • Providing standby service for major community events such as the Chesterfield Parade, the Ashfield Fall Festival and the Cummington Fair

  • Responding to all 911 calls that may require emergency medical services

Highland Ambulance EMS, Inc. is thankful for all of the financial contributions from organizations and individuals that make it possible for Highland to provide these community services.

If you have any suggestions for new services or improvements to any of Highland's services, or if you would just like to let us know what you think, send us an email, or call us at (413) 268-7272.