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Wish List

Highland is hoping to purchase the following equipment. 
Any amount is greatly appreciated and you reserve the option on which item you would like your donation to be used for.
Donation information can be found under the donation tab or by contact us!

Number Needed: 2
Approximate price: $1525.00 each
The Handtevy Pediatric Bag

The complete Handtevy Pediatric Bag is a component of the Handtevy System that organizes medical equipment in a light-weight, easy to use bag that can also be used as a backpack.  It allows for easy identification of pediatric equipment sizes with seven age-based color coded pouches.

This bag contains all the equipment that our crews need to treat pediatric patients. Allowing our crews to quickly and efficiently access the equipment we need when time counts. 

You can click here, to visit the Handtevy website for more information

 Item: AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)
Number needed: 2
Approximate Cost: $1,400.00    
The AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)

Highland Ambulance utlizes LIFEpak AED on our trucks. The reason for this brand, is for the interoperability between all the equipment on our ambulances, and that of the local emergency service departments. By utilizing the same equipment, it grants us "